‘Hits’ is a stupid name.

Look, I just wanted a place where I could write things as I liked and show them as I liked, and it’s difficult to find a name that doesn’t sound like a Fall Out Boy lyric for a personal blog. The writing types would recognize ‘essay’ as rooted etymologically in ‘trying,’ and that would have been fine. Hit songs are so cool that it’s uncool to care about them. Getting hit hurts. Calling it ‘Hits’ combined those: I’m going to be writing about the pop-ish things you already know about, because they knocked me on my ass.

The previous question wasn’t a question. Neither is this one.

Yes, there’s a lot of deception in any list of ‘frequently asked questions.’

Why is everything a ‘jot’?

Calling things ‘essays’ or ‘articles’ feels like far more of a commitment than a ‘jot’, and calling them posts sounds so virtual, not really distinguished from gifsets or quotes or thinspiration collages, the many other things that can be rightly called ‘posts,’ and though the length might suggest otherwise, I am not trying to write ‘rants.’ A jot doesn’t have to have a point. Something starts a thought-process, a song or a show. I can just jot down as much of that thought process as I’m able to type.

Those are some obvious fake-names you give your friends. If you even have any.

When I mentioned that I’d like to mention them, some of my friends seemed nervous about being murdered by anons and randoes. Fair enough. I came of age during the masked-ball era of the internet, when there were chat-rooms and feudal magical horse role-playing games and I had to lie about my age for Neopets. Though the recent doxing of certain major female gaming personalities has made me nervous about just how vulnerable one can be on the internet, for the most part, I’ve felt safe. But if my friends don’t feel that way, that’s fine. Hence ‘Cotton,’ and ‘Heez,’ and ‘Petra.’

So are you one of those existentialist touchy-feely types? Uses Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble as a pillow? Puts the ‘y’ in womyn?

I once expressed surprise at what I initially found myself writing about. I’ve had a few months of creative dearth, and now, I’m having the strangest out-pouring, much of it regarding philosophy beyond my expertise. To some degree, that’s all philosophy, but in particular certain kinds of feminist, phenomenologist, ordinary language philosophy have seemed very fruitful. However, I do have a masters in philosophy, where I specialized in moral philosophy. It is now irresponsible for me to decline any kind of expertise. Most of my work was done in moral philosophy, but I have taken approximately ten classes (including undergraduate work) outside of that subsection, in particular the philosophy of science. I have taken three classes in ordinary language philosophy, phenomenology, and feminist philosophy. Funnily, if I’m an expert in anything, I’m an expert in what I’m not really interested in talking about. I took those three classes out of a kind of intellectual honesty, because I found their subject matter suspicious. Ain’t life grand?

You obviously don’t know anything about video games or music or life or anything.

Perhaps I’m making mistakes. It seems better to try to get the mistakes down and be honest about them than to let them fester internally. Maybe someone will kick my ass, and I’ll get over a bad thought. Maybe I’ll kick my own ass, and I’ll get better at it. I’m content with either.